The Company was incorporated as Associated Sugar Mills Limited on October 04, 1993. In the year 1998, Adlakha family, along with their associates, acquired 100% shareholding in the Company from the erstwhile promoters and gained overall control of the Company. Subsequently, the name of Company was changed to Uttam Sugar Mills Limited w.e.f. November 24, 1998. Now, Uttam Sugar Mills Limited (USML), a part of the ‘Uttam Group`, is one of the leading integrated sugarcane processing company, having corporate office at Noida, (U.P.) India. The group’s continuous efforts in the direction of harnessing the full potential of sugarcane, has enabled it to develop most modern sugar complexes in India with facilities to produce Refined Sulphurless Sugar, White Plantation Sugar, Ethanol and Power. The Company has four sugar units. Out of these four units three sugar units produce 100% "Sulphurless Sugar" using "Defecomelt" process instead of conventional "Double Sulphitation". This effort would bring the company to the forefront on the Indian Sugar Map and the vision of serving the country with quality product, meeting international standards.

Uttam Sugar is Double Refined, Sulpherless Sugar. This sugar is non-acidic in nature as the pH is very close to 7. Uttam Sugar is 100% "Sulphurless Sugar" using Defeco Remelt Phosphotation and Ion Exchange (DRPIE) process instead of conventional "Double Sulphitation". Uttam Sugar is made from high quality sun-ripened sugarcane, irrigated by the sweet waters of the Ganga. Uttam manufacturing process is done according to world’s best practice standards. The Uttam sugar quality program conforms to worldwide and Indian industry accepted practices. Uttam applies Indian technical control methods and ICUMSA analytical methods to its sugar manufacturing. The consumer pack M-31 sugar is available in 1 and 5 kg.


1 Mr. Raj Kumar Adlakha Managing Director Promoter/ Executive
2 Mr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal Executive Director Non-Promoter/Executive
3 Dr. Ramasamy Vasudevan Non Executive Independent Director Independent
4 Mr. G. S. Matta Non Executive Independent Director Independent
5 Mrs. Rutuja Rajendra More Non Executive Independent Director Independent
6 Mr. Narendra Kumar Sawhney Non Executive Independent Director Independent

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