Uttam Sugar brings to you Double Refined Sugar which is produced in a sulphur free process. It is a high quality refined sugar, manufactured using double refining process and meets the IP/BP specifications. Used for daily needs.
- Hygienically packed
- Free from extraneous matter
- Free from Bacterial contamination
- Sparkling White in color
Pack Size: 1Kg, 5Kg

Natural Brown Sugar

Uttam Sugar introduces Natural Brown, a sugar meant for those who value health. Natural Brown as a product is available to you in the most natural form as sugar should actually be consumed. Nothing is added to it – be it color, caramel or molasses. Sourced from the finest sugarcanes and produced in one of the most advance manufacturing plants, Natural Brown is packed and untouched by hands. Minerals like Calcium and Magnesium fortify this sugar that is ideal for growing bodies and a lower calorific value making it a weight watcher’s delight. Also a taste that is so pure that you’d never hesitate to add it to your child’s milk or add when you whip up your husband’s favourite cake or dad’s coffee. So, switch to a healthy living from today.
Pack Size: 1Kg


A unique Product to make your everyday life easier and Healthier. Liquid Sugar instantly dissolves in any liquid/flour making it a perfect choice for the hassle free use in daily preparations. Be it your Cocktail, Mocktail, Shikanji or Milk shake you never have to worry about all that stirring that comes along with the preparation of these. Liquid Sugar is made from Sugar and has the similar composition as Honey. Also, it is sweeter than sugar hence you consume less amount of calories for the same sweetness.

Superfine Sugar

Superfine sugar is granulated sugar that has been ground into finer crystals than regular granulated white sugar. Also known as caster sugar, it is popular with bakers because the smaller crystals cream very easily into butter and dissolve more readily into meringues and batters. This leads to products that have a finer crumb and lighter texture when finished, a result that is preferred by many bakers. Superfine sugar is specifically called for in recipes that are very light, such as food cakes
You can substitute superfine sugar into recipes that call for granulated white sugar and get better results, but you will not necessarily get as good a result if attempting to substitute regular sugar into a recipe that calls for superfine sugar. This is because recipes that specify superfine sugar to be used often count on the fact that the sugar dissolves so easily to get the best finished product possible.

White Sachets

Uttam Sugar brings to you White Sugar Sachets. Now enjoy the convenience of adding your favourite sweetener to your tea, coffee or dessert wherever you are. Sourced from the finest sugarcanes and manufactured in the most advanced sugar plants, it comes to you untouched by human hands. So carry your Uttam Sugar sachets wherever you go. Each pack has 100 sachets of 5gm each.

Brown Sachets

Uttam Sugar introduces Brown Sugar Sachets. Rich in molasses, it is manufactured by the most hygienic process to bring you pristine pure sugar untouched by human hands. So the coffee connoisseur in you can enjoy the privilege of a perfect rich taste, sweetened by Uttam Brown Sachets. Now you can carry a spoonful of goodness wherever you go. Each pack has 100 sachets of 5gm each.

White Sugar Cubes

Available in retail packing of 500g, these sugar cubes are made using sulphur free process. Its convenience and taste put together for the discerning customer.

Brown Sugar Cubes

Available in the retail packing of 450g these sugar cubes are made from Natural Brown Sugar. No Molasses, caramel or colour is being added to these cubes. The Product is ideal for connoisseurs of coffee.

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