demerara sugar

✔ Uttam Demerara Sugar is made of refined crystalline sugar combined with a small amount of molasses, which is responsible for its characteristic color and rich flavor.
✔ By using one of our most popular innovations ‘Demerara Sugar’, what you get is the real flavor, crunchy texture, mild caramel taste
✔ It contains a slightly higher mineral, than regular refined white sugar.
✔ Demerara Sugar is absolute for desserts, cakes, cookies, bread, pies, tarts, fruit salads and sweet sauces for a rich caramel flavor.
✔ Goes great in coffee, smoothies, milkshakes.
✔ The Product is available in 1 Kg. food grade laminate pouch, it can also be packed in 25 and 50 Kg. PP bag with the inner liner of LDPE.

AVAILABLE IN 1KG, 25kg and 50kg PACK

✔ The manufacturing facility is certified & Licensed for
• Drug License- IP & BP
• Food Safety Management System- FSSC 22000


✔ It is better alternative to white sugar, since it retains calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium minerals

Industry we serve

✔ Direct consumption
✔ Processed Food
✔ Sauces, Breakfast Cereals
✔ Confectionary
✔ Bakery
✔ Beverage ( alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Product Specifications