invert sugar syrup

✓ Uttam Invert Sugar is manufactured using the best quality double Refined Sugar conforms to IP, BP specification.

✓ Product Range :

• Uttam Aqua - Colourless to creamish white
• Uttam Sunlight – Golden Brown
• Uttam Golden -Pale Yellow (74/80 Brix)

✓ The process usually adopts, breaking the bonds between glucose and fructose through enzymatic hydrolysis process,
C12H22O11 + H2O → C6H12O6 + C6H12O6
resulting in a solution of half free glucose and half free fructose which makes the Invert sugar sweeter than regular crystal sugar.

✓ Product is packed in food grade 300 Kg. HDPE barrels and 50 Kg. & 6 Kg. jerrycan as per above product range.
✓ The product can be tailor made as per customer requirement.

✓ The manufacturing facility is certified & Licensed for

• Drug License- IP & BP
• Food Safety Management System- FSSC 22000

Product advantages & area of application

✓ Uttam Invert Sugar has characteristics of ‘high affinity to water”, “higher osmotic pressure”, “low freezing point”,” lower water activity” which results in better shelf life, better quality and lower calorie than normal sugar.
✓ Invert Sugar makes the user’s processing time shorter as it doesn’t require conversion from solid sugar into liquid, which is a time-consuming process.

Industry we serve

✓ Pharma
✓ Food & Beverages
✓ Bakery
✓ Distillery
✓ Honey replacement
✓ Tobacco Industry

Product Specifications