liquid sugar

Do you remember the last time when you made lemonade, what was the most tedious task? Yes, dissolving the sugar. It was so irritating to try to dissolve all that sugar in water. No matter how much you stir, there was always some sugar left wasted at the bottom of the jug. At times we tried to act smart and heat up the water and then mix sugar. But then, we had to add triple the amount of ice to make it chilling enough.
Uttam Sugar is happy to announce to you that those days are gone. We introduce to you Liquid Sugar!!
Liquid Sugar dissolves instantly in any beverage making it super convenient to use. Not just that Liquid Sugar is 30% sweeter than Sugar which means you consume 30% less calories for same amount of sweetness. Another property of Liquid Sugar is it does not crystallise. So, it makes softer bakery products with higher shelf life.


Suggested beverage uses: coffee, tea, mixed drinks, sodas, lemonade
Suggested recipe uses: salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, cookies, brownies, fudge, ice cream
Add just a touch to: cereal, oatmeal, popcorn, cookies, French toast
Great on strawberries, fruit mix, fruit smoothness.

Pack Size: 1 Kg